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“Marketing Executive Development Session”

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  Speeches: April 21, 2013

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Marketing Executive Development Session with Mohamed Adly, PepsiCo

Mohamed Adly, HR director of PepsiCo, shared his career successes, challenges, and recommendations with young executives at a meeting hosted by AmCham’s Marketing Committee on April 21. An engineer by education, Adly launched his career in manufacturing and supply chain in Procter and Gamble (P&G) and was later assigned a post in Geneva, Switzerland with the responsibility of the planning of paper products in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Though this post was a step forward in his career, Adly described a number of challenges he faced including the realization that he would have to accomplish all responsibilities himself rather than through assigned staff. This realization, though challenging at first, led to Adly’s understanding of the importance of a hands on experience for successful professional development and the accomplishment of tasks.

Adly’s career later led to his return to Egypt with the responsibility of manufacturing and supply chain of a Cairo P&G Plant where, through determination, a challenging experience became of the greatest successes he witnessed in the company. In 2006, Adly moved from P&G to PepsiCo and became responsible of 7 manufacturing sites.  His greatest challenge was in handling operations and recruitment, which was an area of great interest to him.  A few years later Adly took the difficult decision of shifting his career from manufacturing to HR.  This decision was taken at a time of increased instability with numerous labor strikes nationwide; however, it served as a beneficial learning experience.

Adly, who is also a qualified trainer for leadership, outlined the key steps for career development. This entails clarification of where one stands including values, experiences, interests, and strengths.  Aiming for specific career choices and aspirations and aligning expectations with the organization, manager and family among others was described as being equally important.  This is followed by the evaluation of ones overall performance, learning, and networking experiences. Ultimately and regularly refreshing plans and goals, and raising the question of “Is this the right decision,” is an essential step for successful career development.  “[with a vision] you may not know your exact next move but make sure that all moves you make are in line with your objective,” Adly said adding that side roads and detours may be taken but having decisions aligned with a professionals ultimate objective is a recipe for success.


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